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Rain water Harvesting :

Water scarcity is the biggest problem at hand globally. It has been termed as the largest global risk in terms of potential impact over the next decade. Hence, it has become imperative that water conservation must be accorded highest priority, specially while dealing with infrastructure development. Rainwater harvesting is one of the most effective way of conserving water.

Rain water harvesting is adopted in all the projects being executed by NBCC. Emphasis is laid on developing Rain water harvesting system in each project alongwith other sustainable measures viz. Energy efficient electric fittings/fixtures, low flow plumbing fixtures, environment friendly refrigerant gas for HVAC system, recycling of construction & demolition waste etc.

Rain water harvesting is the simplest and effective method of recharging the ground water table with naturally available water i.e. rainwater, which otherwise is wasted or gets contaminated and looses its worthiness.

The surface runoff (rainwater) is collected and channelised through a network of pipes, avoiding any contamination, to rainwater harvesting wells or percolation wells/pits after primary filtration using naturally available and cost effective materials viz. pea gravels/ pebbles etc. This water directly percolates to the subsoil strata and can be utilised during lean periods.

The concept of rainwater harvesting dates back to ancient times when ponds, lakes and "baolis" were developed to store water as well as recharge ground watertable.

Although many modern techniques have now evolved for effectively using the rain water, the fundamental concept remains the same i.e. collecting rain water and channelising it the substrata without contamination.

Tangible benefit evaluation:

The tangible benefit of rainwater harvesting can be simply verified by comparing the ground water table (level) before development of rain water harvesting system and post development. Periodic monitoring, usually at an interval of 6 months or pre and post rainy season gives a conclusive result on the benefits achieved by rain water harvesting.


S.No. Name of Project


Completed Harvesting Projects

1 DCP office & Police Station at IGI Airport, New Delhi
2 Police Station & Staff Qtrs. at Bindapur, New Delhi
3 Police Station & Staff Qtrs. at Dwarka, New Delhi
4 Police Station & Staff Qtrs. at Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi
5 Police Station & Staff Qtrs. at Vijay Vihar, New Delhi
6 Police Station & Staff Qtrs. at Anand Parvat, New Delhi
7 DCP office & Police Station at IGI Airport, New Delhi
8 Construction of Innovation Centre for Education of IIT Delhi at Plot No. 4B, RGEC, Kundli-Sonepat (Haryana)


Under Construction Projects

1 200 Bedded Hospital at Ambedkar Nagar, New Delhi
2 New Gujarat Bhawan at Akbar Road, New Delhi
3 NTRO works, Aya Nagar, Delhi
4 Construction of Food Testing Laboratory and Residential quarters for MWCD at Faridabad (Haryana)
5 Construction of Security Police Lines at Bapu Dham, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.